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BaggyTrousers have been long friends of Ryan, so when the opportunity arose to design them a killer new brand, we leaped at the chance to work with CEO & founder, Jack Broadley.

We kicked off the process with a brand audit to analyse what works, and what doesn’t and what resonates with their audience in order for us to identity the changes necessary for a successful brand identity.

We identified the old logo to be:

→ Typeface was too harsh

→ Overall the logo mark paired with text was too busy

→ Too literal with the pants logo

→ Not enough scope for versatility

→ No real brand system

We explored different shades of blue to provide a softer, more approachable feel to the brand, while providing a nice soft contrast between shades, giving the brand more visual leverage on how to display content

Circles provide a direct link back to the old brand, and an abstract link to the company mission. We have to use these shapes freely, a way to house content and images, a way to separate content and information to stack hierarchy.

If we do this successfully, the brand will be cohesive, versatile and valuable. As well as looking good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with your competitors, and the rest of the industry. It will engage your audience more and position yourself as the true leader in testicular cancer support and awareness.

A more simple brand allows BaggyTrousers to focus on the mission at hand, without any visual distractions, only visual support.

We accomplish this with simple colours, shapes and layout. The audience now can focus on what they need to without clutter, but with more impact.

BaggyTrousers are doing an incredible thing. Let’s put that at the forefront of the brand.

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